Thanks for visiting my site. I love music and music technology. I was a recording artist for 15 years and have traveled the world performing and doing live sound. I own a private recording studio and have recorded and mixed many local artists. Through my non-profit organization, Life Power Music Programs, I get students involved into music technology via my Learn to Make Beats Classes. I DJ on the weekends and it has become my new love! My steady “job” is teaching business and information technology to students at Enterprise Academy, an alternative school in Newport News. As you can see, I live what I preach! I you have a music technology need, I’m your guy!


As a DJ and live sound engineer, my goal is to provide the perfect music for your occasion, professional sound equipment, and quality customer service. I routinely provide DJ services and live sound reinforcement for weddings, festivals, parties, family reunions, special events, and more. I am also a proud member of the Mixxstar DJ’s.

Pricing: $75 – $95 per hour based on equipment needs.

Audio Engineer

I have over 20 years of recording, mixing, and mastering experiences. I am a proud graduate of the Institute of Audio Research located in the heart of New York City. I operate a small, private recording studio and provide various services that include recording, mixing, mastering, audio editing, and audio restoration.

Pricing: $35 per hour for recording/mixing. $30 per song for mastering. Special packages available.

Learn to make beats class

I operate a 501-C, Not For Profit organization called Life Power Music. I created this organization to get students interested in technology by introducing them to beat production, audio recording, and mixing. You can find info about the Learn to make beats class at the Life Power website here.